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Why Zimbabwe ?

ILC has identified Zimbabwe as a strategic country in its global lithium strategy, alongside Canada.

Zimbabwe has significant mineral reserves and is in the world’s top 10 countries for lithium (see for example which placed Zimbabwe as 7 th in 2021). The Government in Zimbabwe has taken a business friendly position in recent years and the population has a high education level and work ethic as well as experience with the mining sector.

Recent legislation in Zimbabwe has shown that lithium is taken increasingly seriously at governmental level. Specifically :

i) Mining legislation has introduced a "use it or lose it" approach on mining claims or grants

ii) A royalty of 5% which has been applied to metals such as gold and platinum is now applied to lithium too

iii) There are new rules against export of unprocessed raw materials.  

There is an opportunity to make good returns for the Company’s shareholders, capitalising on these advantages, while at the same time providing local employment opportunities and supporting Zimbabwean economic growth and renewal. We will make announcements at the appropriate time.

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